I've been professionally focused on Cloud for 12 months

I began to learn it from Microsoft (I suggest  everyone who wants to understand  "the cloud" better to visit the free Microsoft Virtual academy) and now, after 1 year of study, I’m able to watch inside any architecture or product and understand if it is a “Cloud Ready” solution

Another good point to start and study it, is that IT departments are moving to the cloud (finally in Italy too !!!) and now this is a fast run.

(Just a sore note: many entrepreneurs are still thinking that cloud is a sort of product, forgetting the culture inside it.

Swapping from an old culture to a services approach could be a huge step if you are not ready to spend time and energy to learn it (especially for sales people)

I'm going to write a couple of articles. The first one is about the technology while the second on is a business approach (meaning how can I get money from it)

As usual these articles are my personal ideas

Ok let's start getting in the wonderful cloud world :)


Veeam Cloud Connect

The idea is very simple and amazing.

A way to move your Data from 'on premises' architecture to a cloud

There are 2 different options:

Backup, to realize an off-site architecture of your backup data (from now on I’m talking about remote backup service)

Replica to implement a Disaster Recovery architecture (DR as a Service)

From the Veeam web site you can watch a lot of interesting webinars about those two technologies in different languages


I want to simplify as much as possible the design of the solution to begin to work with (I’m sure in a couple of weeks the Veeam gurus will delivery a very complete docs about it)

The first picture shows the architecture


the second one the ports that need to be opened with routing rules


 Watching the two schemas it's quite easy to realize that:

1) the process of the two options is the same; what changes is the destination of the data. In case of backup Service, it's a Backup Repository; in case of Replica it's an hardware plan (a logical container of CPU-RAM-Disks and Network)

2) In case of recover, the DRaaS allow you to switch on the VMs directly to the service provider site (this also means services through failover plans). It is possible because Veeam developers (genius !!!) have created a Network extension (two black box VMs) that allows the two sites to comunicate with each other but not only: in case of complete disaster of the production site, it allows the VMs into SP site to communicate via Internet

3) Backup service mostly needs to take the data back


See you in after summer to talk about how to get money (business model)



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