As promised before summer, here is the article to describe how to create a business model with the technology of Veeam Cloud Connect. 

This is only a starting point and for sure you can add more details and formulas to this model.

 In this first article I'm going to talk about Backup Remotization.

The commercial idea is very simple, answering to one of the major requests of the customers:  having a copy of their own backup data in a remote site.

What customers ask indirectly is to have a solution that is

  • Easy to Use
  • Already integrated in their Backup Veeam Console
  • Without complicated activities on networks (appliances and rules to implement)
  • Cheaper as possibile 

In the last article about CC (Cloud Connect) I have already shown why this technology is ready to answer those common 4 requests

Now I’m going to talk from the point of view of the Service Provider.


Because not all SPs know exaclty how to create an easy model that links costs and gains, especially those still moving to the Cloud Services.

So ... which are the focal items the SPs have to consider?

  1. Number of VMs -> This is the cost that the SP has to pay to Veeam
  2. Repository -> This is the total amount of Space on the Storage
  3. Networking -> This is the comunication channel from and to EU (End User) to SP and viceversa
  4. Running costs Hardware-> This is the split of the cost of the SP architecture
  5. Running cost Men Power -> This is the split of the cost of SP Staff

The last important thing to consider in this business model is how big the VMs are.

What does it mean? Try to image two different customer environments.

The first has a lot of small VMs, the second has a few big VMs 

To solve it I add a correction factor (FC) to the model.

Before starting I'd like to point out that all the numbers you see on the cost column are only examples

Month 1 FC 2    
Voice Cost (€) Amount Correction Partial Total
Number VM 5 10 1 50
Space (TB) 12 2000 2 48000
Mbps (mps) 5 2 1 10
RCH (HH) 2 8 1 16
RCMP (HH) 4 20 1 80
      Cost Total €48.156,00 

Next step is modelling the number of VM and working with FC (that can be adapted to the SP service) 

So, to take it easy, I plotted the schemas where FC is an unvaried of 2 



What about a schema with a FC variable?

Here it is, FC changing from 1,6 (10 VM) to 0,8 (4000 VM)



If you want to download the xls file, please click Business_model here 

See you in a couple of weeks to talk about DR as a Service and Storage integration



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