Yesterday I bought my new pc.

It’s the new Lenovo product, Yoga 3.

Why you need to buy it, my engaged asked me ?

I would like to have a very lightweight notebook I answered. In my last three working years I went around Italy with a very heavy notebook and my backbone is tired

Why is it different from other products ?

The first answer it’s quite easy. This is a Microsoft product and I used to work in my last 7 years Mac OSX

The second reason is that it is a compo product: What does it mean? I can use it as PC and also as Tablet.

The product is well done, very thin, very light with an excellent 13 inches monitor and a fast keyboard.

The Top features for me are:

New Intel processor M series
Fast SSD hard disk of 512 GB.

To test the product I used my personal skill (as a System Engineer) and the results are impressive.

Open a word or power point doc is immediate as well as all the Microsoft Suite

Switch on VMs with VMWare workstation is also instantly.

So excellent job Lenovo guys

yoga3  yoga3-1



As most of you already know, I've been working in the Data Protection field for 10 years.

Probably I was and still am one of most enthusiastic person from 2005 about Deduplication Technology. I live in Brianza Area and the idea to squirrel away data and money it's in my soul ... ☺



Which of the top challenges in next years?  Data always grow up, and deduplication appliances are almost to the end of their capability to do a good job. So the only possible solution is buying more and more new hardware with bigger capacity (and Sales are happier).

I had an idea a couple of days ago.

Put your attention to this word, Metadata.

What are they ? They are only the data of the data, and it means they are the description of the data.

The Deduplication technology through the creation of metadata is able to understand if a data is already written and if so, the original Data are not stored but only indexed.

Which is the advantage ? Metadata are always small pieces of information.

Which is the idea ? A world where the exchange of data is only performed by metadata.

What does it mean ?

Image you are working in a very big Company with PetaByte of Backup Data and you want to offer services to other customers.

You have to built a technology that can create a big numbers of metadata created from your backup data.

Now before receiving a new digest of Data from a customer you are able to understand if you have already got these information through the metadata.

Which is the result ?

You do not receive all data but only the logical of the data (metadata) and so you are able to provide services to your customers.

Which are the top advantages ?

For the end user: he doesn’t need to use a lot of connectivity and the time to put the information on the “cloud” is very minimal

For the service provider: it is an approach of autogeneration because new data creates new information ... such as Facebook or Twitter

Is it a cool idea ? Do you think I have to patent it ?

More about it in next articles