Presume or Suppose, this is Bridge !

I’m playing the Brianza Bridge Tournament on BBO with a great player, Octilia.

In our last match, board 7 I held  A7642-4-AK72-AQ4. 

North seated while I was lulling my beautiful cards Est bid 1showing 17+ HCP.

I was a little bit disappointed but I could easily bid 1.

West joined the conversation with a double, showing 4-6 points, my pard passed (you could bet on that) and  Est bid a conclusive 4.

It is my turn,  can you please help me?

Which is your bid? Pass, Dbl or what else (Nespresso???)?

I preferred Dbl that remained the final contract.

Normal lead is Aand dummy showed these cards:


While I was counting my tricks, 1, 1, and 2 =  1 off,  your pd played the three, and …. the player ruffed and played immediately the K.

Ohhh Nooo, my first thinking was wrong, and on the second card, I had to make the right decision.

To duck or not to duck, this is the question. It’s one of the most common bridge saying.

What helped me playing a small was that if my pard had three cards she would probably bid 4.

Do you agree?

Never mind, pard played 9.

Now Est continued with 5 that I won with the Ace while your pd showed 3.

And Now?

Which is the best play you can do?

I guessed EST hand could be 2-8-3 , and to justify the 1 opening , with K also.

Dummy now held: QJ-9x-Qxx-xxx

I’m giving you other 30 seconds to get the right decision.

Do you think the dummy is now unreachable? If so, you put on the table  K …… and the tragedy is finally completed! (I also played this way)


Est ruffed , played A and a small to 9.

My pard held 8 and 5 and she was not able to get the trick…

Result ?

14 MP lost by my team.

Was this contract beatable?

The answer is ….. Yes!


Angy held the K but I was not able to get this important info.

Is there a clear solution?

Yes, make a call :), Just kidding !

After a whole thinking night, I found a possible solution. It’s not easy to get, do you figure it out?

if 3  it’s a mandatory card to give the count, the key point is on  cards.

Does it make sense to give the count to your partner at trick two when he already choose to duck the K?

Now when he won with Ace the second card, he had a clear message.

Which one?

You gave him a miss-count !!!

It should be a great allowed signal to play a different suite and in this case

Was it easy?

I don’t think so,  and I wouldn’t have had the solution at the table, but it is a very tricky way to inform pd to play another suite.

And you?

Did you find the solution?