Bridge Count or Attitude ?

An interesting board from bridge Club Monza.

You are seated South with the following cards: 54 Jxx AKTxx AKx.

After three passes, you open 1NT and West bid 2Clubs showing both majors. North bids Dbl showing at least 8 Hcp. East after several seconds bids Rdbl asking west to bid his best suit.

You pass and the bidding keeps on with 2 Spades. Your partner after just 1-second bids 3NT.

West leads is K of Spades and now is your turn to play the board

N: Axx-Kxx -Q9xx-xxx

S: 54-Jxx-AKTxx-AKx


  1. Who held the A of Hearts (if you want to maintain the contract)?
  2. How do you play?
  3. After 1NT you bid always pass. What would have been the meaning of DBL by you on second round?

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